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Cochran Family Nathan, Dylan, Darius, Amanda


As a native Floridian, I come from a six generation pioneer family of Southwest Florida. Settling in Lee County, in 1905, my great great grandfather has helped to plant roots deep within our family that run deep into the Southwest Florida community. I have been married to Darius Cochran for 24 years and have been blessed with 2 great kids, Nathan, who attends University of Florida Law School and Dylan who is attending Florida Gulf Coast University's entrepreneurship program.


My mission is to represent the people of Lee County with transparency and accountability, working toward enhancing our quality of life during this critical time that will help define the future of Lee County.

I pledge to work steadfastly to make our beautiful county a better place for families and help ensure a safer, healthier environment with increased opportunities for current and future generations.
I look forward to actively engaging residents and businesses to ensure their voices are heard and their concerns addressed.


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