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Amanda Cochran

Updated: Jul 9

Why Amanda Cochran is Likely to Triumph Over Mike Greenwell for Lee County Commissioner

  • Amanda Cochran was allegedly called the “B” Word (female dog) and the “C” Word (female private part) by Greenwell Supporters.

In the upcoming Lee County Commissioner election, the winds of change are blowing, and they carry the name of Amanda Cochran. With a groundswell of support from the women, driven by a collective disdain for the disparaging remarks made against her and the fervent desire for historic representation, Cochran emerges as a formidable challenger to the incumbent, Mike Greenwell. Moreover, the public endorsement from the widow of former Commissioner Frank Mann adds weight to Cochran’s campaign, elevating it beyond mere politics to a movement of empowerment and change. When you look at the dynamics of this race, it becomes evident that Cochran embodies the aspirations and frustrations of Lee County voters, while Greenwell risks being swept away by the tides of change.

The Power of Women’s Support:The silent but potent backing of women cannot be understated. Their support for Cochran, albeit behind the scenes, stems from a deep-seated aversion to the sexist comments directed at her candidacy. In a society increasingly intolerant of misogyny, such remarks only serve to galvanize support for Cochran among women voters. Furthermore, the prospect of electing the fifth woman County Commissioner in Lee County’s history is a compelling narrative that resonates with many constituents. This historic moment symbolizes progress and inclusivity, values that transcend party lines and resonate with the voting public.

The Endorsement of Former Commissioner’s Widow:The public endorsement of Amanda Cochran by the widow of former Lee County Commissioner Frank Mann is a significant coup for her campaign. Mann’s legacy carries weight in Lee County, and his widow’s endorsement serves as a testament to Cochran’s credibility and qualifications for the role of County Commissioner. By appealing to the reverence for Mann’s memory and legacy, Cochran solidifies her position as the rightful heir to Frank Mann’s vision for Lee County. This endorsement bolsters Cochran’s campaign and underscores the importance of continuity and stewardship in local governance.

Resentment Towards Establishment Politics:The public’s growing disillusionment with establishment politics is palpable, and Mike Greenwell’s perceived alignment with the status quo places him at a disadvantage. The voting public is weary of backroom dealings and the manipulation of power dynamics to suppress dissenting voices. Amanda Cochran’s candidacy represents a departure from this entrenched system, offering a fresh perspective and a promise of transparency and accountability. 

The backlash against attempts to intimidate or coerce potential challengers further underscores the public’s desirefor genuine representation and democratic principles.

The Likelihood of Mike Greenwell’s Defeat:While Greenwell may have enjoyed an incumbency advantage up to this point; his prospects in the upcoming race appear increasingly bleak. The tide of public sentiment is turning against him, fueled by resentment towards his backers’ alleged disparaging comments about Cochran and a broader desire for change. Moreover, Cochran’s credentials and endorsements position her as a formidable opponent, capable of rallying support across demographic lines. Greenwell’s failure to adapt to this shifting political landscape may ultimately seal his fate as a County Commissioner.

In the crucible of electoral politics, Amanda Cochran is a symbol of hope and progress for Lee County. Buoyed by an increasing unwavering support of women, endorsed by the widow of a revered former Commissioner, and propelled by a groundswell of public resentment towards establishment politics, Cochran embodies the aspirations and frustrations of Lee County voters.Conversely, Mike Greenwell finds himself on the wrong side of history, clinging to the vestiges of a fading political order. As the countdown to election day begins, the odds increasingly favor Cochran’s triumph over Greenwell, signaling a new era of leadership and representation for Lee County

“I felt Mike was dead in the water when Amanda filed and a few of his backers wanted to know who this “C” or “B” was who signed up to run against him? When some Greenwell backers used the “B” & “C” word to describe Amanda; I knew he was done because all women take those two words personally and anyone around sports will assume Greenwells’ backers did make that statement. I really like Mike, but the women in Lee County have turned against him because his backers allegedly referred to Amanda Cochran as a “B” and “C” once she filed to run against him… and Terry Miller can’t clean that up. “  

McKinley G. Williams

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